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This template is made by sugeng.id Linkmagz Responsive Blogger Template Super fast loading. It is possible for blogger friends to be bored with the appearance, aka many people have used it, here Ali-va.us edits it into a Template Gallery.
For those who want it, they can show proof of their purchase from Sugeng.id. and you only get 4 $ edits and if you are good at cloning, we welcome, because additional scripts and free open css have nothing to hide.
JD (Janda Design) is a blogger template, this template is updated from the same version to be similar to the landing page style, JD (Janda Design) is very suitable for my friend who has a blog tutorial, gallery and others. already equipped with interesting features at this time.
For the Free version the same as Style 3

Update : Adding Style, as ali-va.us uses
Netralid Costume - This template is a redesign, I gathered from various blogger template providers, ranging from goomsite, idntheme, xmltheme and theboegis, I put it in the weirdest template in the world, a matter of full features, you just apply it on your blog. This template is suitable for you who have sales of women's underwear.
Mini MagPro Responsive News & Magazine Blogger Templates is one of the most professional and modern blogger templates of 2020. It is fully customizable so that you can create several different websites with a single template. Mini MagPro is optimized for search engines and mobile devices and is also super fast. MagPro is also AdSense friendly and has many sections to add your ads including In-Feed and In-Article types.
I changed this template to be smaller, because a lot of blogger friends request with a small but full-featured template

If you want a full original template, please buy directly at: Templateify.com
Aliva Web Is a blogger template that is similar to one of the web / blog website Provider Templates and Services, namely hupweb, While the template that is used by hupweb itself is a template for promotion only, which means there are no pages for posting like other templates. Aliva web is already available and many interesting features in it.
Aliva is a professional, modern & fully customizable responsive blogger template. It is perfect for tutorial blogs, distribution of mockups, vectors, logos, fonts, free blogger templates, wordpress themes and other diverse niches. Aliva is also ideal if you want to monetize your website via banners, as it is one of the blogger themes with the largest number of sections for banners.

Aliva is fully customizable, which means that you can create several different blogs with the same template. Customizations are made through the blogger dedicated page for this purpose, which means that you don't need to have any coding knowledge to customize this theme.

The level of visitor bloggers using Cool DesignsAliva Redesign makes your blog look different and unique

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